Working mum shares heartbreaking confession

omg 13/09/2018

A hard-working mum has taken to the internet to share a heartbreaking confession. The confession was interwined with a cry for help, asking how she can make life easier.

"After yet another weekend spent doing life admin and feeling like I have failed at literally everything -- motherhood, work, family, wife -- I'd be grateful for tips about what to do to make life easier," she writes.

"We both work full time, but my commute is less, so I leave the house at 7.30, drop the kids off at breakfast club and in the office by 8.45," she says.

The overloaded working mum then explains she leaves work by 5.15pm, is home by 6.30pm, makes a quick dinner, barely has time to clean the house, then bath time and reading, and as the post continues, it is clear she is at breaking point.

Hundreds of fellow working mums who are going through a similar struggle flooded the comments and voiced their sympathy.

"I'm ashamed to admit we have a cleaner. Two hours a fortnight. She's wonderful and a godsend. But it's scraping the surface really." replied one commenter on the MumsNet forum.

It's a shame so many hard-working mums are undergoing the struggle of managing a balance in their hectic lives. The pressure of being a perfect is so high and it can be very deflating.

Being a mum is challenging and rewarding and as long as your kids are happy and healthy, then you are surely doing a fabulous job.