Your favourite school subject reveals some surprisingly accurate traits about your personailty

omg 11/09/2018

For some of us school is a very distant memory, and a memory that is sometimes plagued with a whole mixture of emotions. 

But for most of us, when we think back to our school days, we all have that one subject that sticks out as somewhat tolerable. Whether it was science, english, maths, drama or lunch, no matter which subject it is, chances are it's revealing a lot more about your personality than you realised.


If you enjoyed spying through a microscope, mixing chemicals or learning about osmosis, that means you are a highly curious person. You don't like the easy way, and instead like to take a little extra time to find the best option for what you need.

You're often considered analytical, logical, and cautious, but that's okay because you tend to always be the only one who really knows what's going on.

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You're a creative soul, and that can lead to the fact you have an incredibly sensitive side. You're always looking for the bright side, even in the darkest situations and often see the bigger picture.

Your ability to think on your feet is one that people often underestimate, but you've got a quiet confidence that doesn't rely on their approval.


You are always the one who seems to remember everything, even the things that don't matter. You've spent years teaching yourself how to remember world history, so it makes sense that your life was even more easily accessible.

You're attentive and considerate, and often very hard-working. You know how to be diplomatic when necessary and tend to reflect on your own days often.


The obvious trait here is that you are probably athletic (and if not athletic at the moment, you probably were 5 or 10 years ago!) You are also competitive, but you are able to take that desire to win into all aspects of your life, making you a devoted and persistent person.

You also tend to be more outgoing and extroverted, and are often really good at working with others.

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Extremely organized is the trait that is often tied to a number-loving person. You are analytical, but unlike those who love science, you take a lot of pride in your ability to follow a routine.

Your punctuality and dependability are noteworthy, but while a lot of people assume you'd be predictable, you actually love to have small pockets of spontaneous activity, as long as it is the good kind and not the bad kind.


Whether you're reading or writing stories, English was always the favorite class of those with enormous imaginations. If it was your favorite, that was probably because of your desire to explore, but in the safety of your own mind.

You love to be creative, not just with words but in all aspects, and probably also enjoyed art and music. You are always thinking ahead, faster than anyone really realizes, which is why you always come across so witty to those around you.


Passionate attitudes are typical of a music lover, you don't just like things, you love things. You have a lot of opinions and aren't afraid to make them known, but you've also got a sensitive side.

Patience is a quality you carry with you, after spending so long learning how to play a song, it's no wonder you're willing to stop and wait for the things you truly want in life.

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If you always enjoyed learning other languages, chances are you tend to be an extremely empathetic person. You are the king of putting others first, and can always tell when something is wrong with them.

You also are adventurous and passionate, with a lot of romanticized ideas about life and the world around you.


Your creative desires are combined with your enthusiasm which gives you all the energy you could possibly need. Your quick-thinking and ability to stay open-minded help you navigate your life.

Just because you enjoyed drama doesn't mean you are a dramatic person. You're actually a very genuine, sincere, and conscientious person who seems to always know the right thing to say.


Your adventurous spirit knows no bounds, but that's not all. You are also incredibly enterprising and focused, always looking forward to your next big goal.

You tend to be ambitious in your life, and capable of persuading people to go with your plans regularly.