4-year-old boy has Bunnings themed birthday party

we love 24/10/2018

4-year-old Carter isn't such a big fan of the franchises typical kids his age are but he is a big fan of going hardware shopping with his dad.

So when it was time for his birthday party to roll around, Carter didn't want a Paw Patrol themed day or a day making slime with his friends, instead he wanted his birthday to be Bunnings Warehouse themed.

"He is a big fan of Bunnings and has told me that he wants to work there when he is bigger," Carter's mum said.

The party featured a "garden centre" with pot plants for guests to take home and a "paint centre" where kids could paint plaster statues.

And the little Aussie's day was topped off with a classic Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.

"I think that was first on Carter's list of food for the party," Mrs Stingers told news.com.au.

Bunnings donated allsorts of bits and pieces for the party bags and decorations making Carter's birthday party very easy on the wallet for his parents.

"Carter said it was the best party ever. Some of his party guests even got him gift cards to spend. He was even more excited to do that."