Bride calls friend 'selfish' after she turns down being a bridesmaid

omg 05/10/2018

A woman has been called 'selfish' for refusing to be a bridesmaid for a friend who was on her bridal party.

Taking to popular online Mums forum 'mumsnet', she explained that her friend had "just assumed that I would be one of her bridesmaids" and didn't even ask her.

"I found out when I got informed what day we were going BM [bridesmaid] dress shopping," she says.

"I have gently advised that it won't be possible," she explains. "Despite how rude I found her assumption she is ordinarily a very well-intentioned person and I don't actually want to hurt her.

She has other bridesmaids already so I'm not leaving her devoid of assistance.

The lady was then forced to defend herself saying after fellow 'mumsnet' users called her unreasonable.

"I'm aware that I'm considered quite selfish with my time and energy," and then went on to call herself an introvert and that she wished to never be a bridesmaid again.