Bride surprises groom by doing their first look photos at his mother's grave

we love 03/10/2018

A bride's special plan for her groom on their wedding day has left him (and the internet) in tears. The groom's mum passed away in 2016, so to incorporate her into their special day she took her groom to his mother's grave for their first look photos.

"My mom is and has always been our guardian angel," the groom told Babble. "She loved us more than any mother possibly could have."

"All I could think about is how I wished my mom could be a part of it somehow," he added. "I would think about how happy she would be seeing me marry the love of my life."

He went on to add that when he arrived blindfolded at the photoshoot, it took him a few minutes to click where he actually was.

"As my eyes started to focus, I had a big smile on my face as I examined my fiancée and gave her a big hug and kiss... As my eyes made contact with my mum’s gravestone, I remember my fiancée telling me she wanted my mom to be a part of our big day..."

"I remember feeling her presence that day. I know she was looking down on us, smiling."

The groom and his mum clearly have a very special relationship and how they incorporated her into their wedding day was absolutely beautiful.

Check out some photos from their first look photoshoot below...

Photo credit: MADISON STEM
Photo credit: MADISON STEM
Photo credit: MADISON STEM