Bridesmaids fuming over 'hideous' dress bride insists they wear

omg 01/10/2018

A group of bridesmaids have been left in a bit of a pickle after the bride chose the dresses she'd like them to wear to her wedding.

It's fair to say the bridesmaids aren't the biggest fans of the dresses, so one of them took to Mumsnet for advice.

"So the problem is with the bridesmaids’ dresses." her post began.

"I’m a firm believer of wearing whatever the bride wants you to. She has also asked us all to pay for our dresses but she told us upfront when she asked us to be bridesmaids that we would need to so we are fine with this (within reason)."

"There are 6 of us and we all absolutely hate the dress she has picked. She has found it online and it is honestly the *ugliest dress I have ever seen."

"We’ve decided to tell her how we feel and drew straws. I obviously drew the short straw. So am I being unreasonable to tell her that we do not want to wear and pay for these monstrosities? How do I do that without upsetting her? She’s so stressed and I don’t want to add to that."

"She wants them in yellow btw. Not a flattering colour on any of us"

People were quick to chime in with their thoughts...

"Oh this has got to be a wind up! But if she's serious, you need to tell her that none of you is prepared to pay for something you won't be able to wear again. The bridge can pick God-awful bridesmaids dresses if she chooses, but she pays for the privilege." one person wrote.

But others thought they simply needed to do what the bride wanted...

"I also think it's really rude people suggesting that the bridesmaids should get together and offer alternative dresses. It's the wedding of the bride and groom. If you want to be a bridesmaid, you wear what they want you to wear."

How would you handle this tricky situation? You can see the dress the bridesmaid are against below...

Photo credit: KissyDress