Girl teaches her sister's bullies a brilliant lesson in kindness

we love 17/10/2018

A girl has taken a stand against her sister's bullies by writing them a fake invite to a sleepover.

On the face of it, it may seem like the sister is fighting fire with fire, but inside the invite is an important lesson on kindness...


"Hey there!" the inside of the card reads. "You … are officially invited to stop being jerks to my sister!"

She then went on to give more details about when and where they could make amends...

"When: Right now

Where: Everywhere

What to bring: Bring your nasty attitude and throw it right in the trash can

Why: You guessed it folks, you’re being jerks."


People were quick to show their love of the girl's note. "She's my idol" one person wrote.

"May I buy her an ice cream? What an incredible big sister!" added another.

While most were supportive of the sister's act, others were cautious to support it saying that two wrongs don't make a right.

To finish off the note, the sister even translated her message into different languages! We definitely think she got her point across.


Source: Elite Daily