Kids write adorable letter to 'Tooth Fairy' asking for a selfie to prove she's real

funny stuff 09/10/2018

A mum has shared the adorable letter her 2 girls wrote for the Tooth Fairy asking for proof that she's real. Obviously the Tooth Fairy was able to come up with some pretty convincing evidence, but the note is adorable nonetheless.

"Dear Tooth Fairy," the daughter's letter began

"Thank you for watching over us and our teeth! By us I mean me and Emy! Obviously I was wondering, why do fairys not show themselves to people? My password is 2009 on my iPad in Emy’s room if you could please take a selfie! If you don’t want to type in my password just swipe right. PLEASE, Lila, P.P.S What’s your name?"

Knowing that her kids wouldn't rest until they got a response with the Tooth Fairy, the mum got in touch with her so she could give the kids a reply...

"Well as you know, if a tooth fairy is seen, they lose their magic flying powers," she told the kids.

"So of course she couldn’t snap a selfie! Also, she didn’t know what an iPad was because hello, they don’t have that type of technology in Tooth Fairy-ville!"

Her daughters then asked if they could become pen pals with the Tooth Fairy instead, which she of course said yes to!

Looks like these kids will be having a lot of fun writing back and forward with the Tooth Fairy for years to come.