Mum creates incredible kids birthday party by spending $30 at Kmart

we love 26/10/2018

A woman has shared how she created an epic slumber party for her kid's birthday! She managed to do it all by spending just $30 at Kmart.

"I thought I would share my little Kmart hack from our daughter's slumber party in the hope that some of you can use the idea too." the mum wrote on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page.

"After pricing up the cost of hiring/buying teepees and inflatable mattresses, I decided to give this a go."

  • Gazebo frame = free (already owned)
  • LED fairy lights = free (used our christmas tree lights)
  • 16 x Kmart plastic table covers = $32.
  • The joy of 7 little girls 'camping out' together = priceless 

"Please note, this was my first attempt at creating anything like this, so please be kind! I'm sure it could have been put together better by someone with more experience."

Check out her creation below...