Mum shares epic photos from incredible Harry Potter themed party for her kids

we love 12/10/2018

Have you ever been to a children's birthday party that has had this much effort put in?

Katherine, a mum in the US, had kids who were undoubtedly big Potterheads, loving everything there is to do with the Harry Potter franchise. And this mum being the super mum she is, built her children a life-size version of the magical world that lies beyond Platform 9&¾ for them and their friends to enjoy.

"What do you do when your kids are big Harry Potter fans? You build them Diagon Alley, of course. Ollivanders, Flourish & Blotts, Madam Malkin’s and Mr. Mullpepper’s Apothecary – real shops that have working doors and windows. And yes, you can really, truly “buy” wizarding supplies from inside!" she wrote on her Facebook page.

Katherine said it was "the biggest party and building we've accomplished yet". It took them a massive 4 weeks to build over the US summer and was made almost entirely by free and recycled material.

The pictures look incredible! And would surely have been a magical day for all involved.