Mum sparks debate for saying she won't take her 'ungrateful' son on holiday again

parenting 18/10/2018

A mum has vented to the Mumsnet forum after her 'ungrateful' son ruined their family holiday. 

The mum took her 8 year old son on a trip to London and made an itinerary designed just for him. A Harry Potter tour, Lego stores and much more was on the to do list.

"We've had a great time but now heading home in hideous mood due to him being rude and ghastly in the last few hours of our trip." the mum wrote.

"I never got given anything like this when I was a kid but I know my mum tore her hair out at our ingratitude and moaning when we did go on trips."

She later added that in future she'll be leaving her son out of all future trips.

"Note to self, just *let him* stay at home and go to the park until he's old enough to grasp the basics of human kindness. This will save thousands of *dollars*, many ill advised snacks, and possibly my relationship."

People were quick to sympthise with the distressed mother.

"Had an identical scenario during the summer... Lovely holiday abroad, on a campsite completely geared up for children. I've never been so embarrassed or felt like such a failure as a parent! Came away vowing not to take him on holiday again. Once home, he went back to the mostly polite and pleasant child that he is!"

"My children are all under 6, but reading this is giving me the quivers! I thought holidays with 0-5 year olds was shit, but it gets worse?!" added another.

Do you think its fair to leave kids out of holidays if they misbehave while away?