Nurse invites one of her first prem babies to be a flower girl at her wedding

we love 12/10/2018

Flower girls are commonly related to the bride or groom. Whether it's a daughter, a niece, a young cousin, the child of your best friend but when Emily got married she decided to honour the flower girl role with a baby that was super special to her.

Emily, a nurse, chose a little girl named August to be her flower girl. August was one of the first babies she had ever cared for as a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse, and she was over the moon when the little girl accepted her offer to go down the aisle before her.

Augie was born in February 2015 at 29 weeks at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, US, in a surprise C-section that her identical twin did not survive.

“But Augie did,” her mother, Genevieve Giotta, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “She is still a very fiery personality, and a fighter from day one.”

Emily was brand new to the NICU when she became August's primary caregiver, meaning whenever it was her shift Emily would spend her time dedicated to her.

“I knew just as soon as I met the family that they were something special,” Emily tells Yahoo.

Emily was one of four nurses who worked as Augie’s primary caregivers, but Genevieve felt a special connection to Emily most of all when she visited her daughter late at night.

“I got to know Emily because the NICU at night is this kind of magical, quiet place with all these babies that are growing,” Genevieve says.

Having that relationship made a huge difference in her experience. “You don’t know when your baby is coming home, and you don’t get to stay there every night in the hospital with your child. So you rely on the nurses, and to have someone as special as [Emily] where you can feel truly comfortable and say, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s as if I was there, because I know this person’s heart is in it with my child.'”

August spent 10 weeks in the hospital before she was allowed to come home, and the family still kept in touch with Emily while August continued to grow. They kept in touch so much that August was the perfect little flower girl for Emily's big day.