Police drop newlyweds off to their reception after vintage car breaks down

we love 03/10/2018

After an incredible wedding ceremony at a local church, newlyweds Sian & Josh thought nothing could dampen their big day.

They hopped into their beautiful vintage car and headed off toward their reception. But it was as they started to take off down the road, the car putted out and ultimately died on the side of the road.

It was then that bride Sian added another 'something blue' to her traditional wedding day. 

As a police officer was out on patrol in the area, he found himself playing a crucial part in the couples wedding day.

As the wedding guests eagerly awaited the arrival of the bride and groom so that the reception could start, they found themselves wondering and even starting to worry about where the pair had got to.

They got their answer when while in the police car, Josh had called his best man and instructed him to shepherd all the guests outside to witness their unconventional arrival.

As the vehicle arrived, sirens blaring, the crowd erupted in applause.