Ryan Gosling & Britney Spears reunited for the first time since they were kids in the 90's

goss 15/10/2018

It's surprising how many big named celebrities started their Hollywood journey as child stars in the hit show Mickey Mouse Club. Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguliera, Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears were among the 90's cast and while stopping by The Ellen Show, two of the members had an impromptu reunion.

Unfortunately, the two did not cross paths on-camera at Ellen but linked up backstage for a photo-op. It does sound like the pair did have a good catch up backstage, with Gosling admitting it was the first time they’d seen each other since they filmed the show as kids.

"Neither of us could remember," Gosling said of the last time he and Spears saw each other. "Which I think is a sign that it's been quite a while."

DeGeneres asked the actor what he remembered about his time on the show, and he admitted that he always thought Spears was “freakishly talented.”