Stranger hands mum a note after watching her struggling with her child at supermarket

we love 11/10/2018

It's no secret that supermarket shopping with young ones can be at times challenging. 

While in the midst of a supermarket shop with her young one, a British mum was wrangling her daughter when a woman approached her and handed her a note.

Curious to what the note said, the mum opened up the handwritten note and was taken a back by the kind words.

The note was also accompanied by a voucher for the supermarket.

The note read: “You’re doing a wonderful job. Wine aisle is 23.”

It was signed “From one mother to another.”

Sharing an image of the message to a Facebook parenting group, Zoe wrote, "So totally overwhelmed! Most divine girl has obviously seen me struggling with my monkey of a little girl and handed me this note with a voucher to buy myself some wine!

"A gesture I will remember for the rest of my life!"