Study reveals that parents only have 32 minutes of 'me-time' a day

omg 04/10/2018

A rather depressing study has been release telling us something that deep down we already knew.

The new data reveals that parents only get 32 minutes of 'me-time' to themselves each day. 

The study delved into the lives of 2000 mums and dads in the States and found that between work, parenting and house duties, that is all they are left with.

Photo credit: Unsplash

The average parent revealed that they take to hiding from their children four times a week to carve out space.

32 minutes a day is a depressing low amount of time to ourselves, and for some parents 32 minutes a day would be heaven.

Between school drop -offs, grocery trips, making lunches, bath times, bed times, extra-curricular activities, feeding time, full or part-time work and a whole plethora of other parental responsibilitys, sometimes any 'me-time' is better than nothing.