Sydney Aquarium's gay penguin power couple become foster parents for the first time

we love 18/10/2018

The biggest power Australian power couple that everyone is talking about right now have just become foster parents.

The two adorable male penguins, Sphen and Magic, that complete the power couple are Australia's very first gay penguin couple to become foster parents.

The couple made headlines around the globe earlier in the year when staff at Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium noticed an inseparable bond between the two of them.

Aside from spending all their time together, things got even more serious around mating season; both males started to collect ice pebbles and were building a makeshift nest.

A special courtship ritual takes place between Gentoo penguins prior to mating season. A male typically presents the female with a pebble as a gift and if the female accepts the gift, they bond and mate for life.

That's exactly what happened between Sphen and Magic.

Before the couple were given a real baby to foster, the staff gave the power couple a dummy egg to practice raising and see if they were ready to be parents.

They ticked all the boxes, going over and above to prove they had what it takes to be parents. 

Then the staff gave Sphen & Magic their own real egg to hatch.

Bonds between Same-sex penguins has been noted for more than a century. The first reported-on gay penguins were Roy and Silo who successfully hatched and fostered a chick in 2004 at Central Park Zoo. Unfortunately, these two split in 2005, after one of them took another partner.

Let's hope that same fate isn't sealed for Sphen & Magic!