Wedding photographer goes viral after barging step-mum out of the way

funny stuff 10/10/2018

A video of a photographer barging a step-mum out of the way at a wedding is going viral online.

The step-mum tried to get a photo of the bride and groom's first kiss but got in the way of the photographer - so she simply pushed him out the way.

"The step-mum got out of her seat to take photos of the bride and groom, but kept getting in the photographer's way," a wedding guest told Caters.

"So the photographer finally shoved her out of the way with a grand shoulder bump.

"I was shocked, but also proud of the photographer as she was paid good money to get those shots - not the step-mum."

Hensley says the wedding guests all "rallied around the photographer", and that she handled the situation well.

"We want guests to see how easy it can be for a photographer to miss a shot because we try to play amateur photographer at weddings and many other events."

"Remember they've been paid to do a job, not us."