Wedding planner gets caught out insulting bride-to-be in embarrassing email

omg 09/10/2018

A wedding planner has been left red-faced after an email she sent insulting her client was accidentally sent to the client rather than to the caterer, who the planner thought she was sending it to.

The bride-to-be posted the screenshot of the scathing message onto her social media which has since gone viral.

The email the bride recieved called her parents "socially retarded" and said that they destroyed her "faith in human nature". She then finished off the email by saying the way they were must have been because of where they were from. 

The wedding planner, Sharon, was forced to apologise to the bride-to-be.

The email came after the soon-to-be-husband-and-wife decided to change their farmyard venue that they had locked in already to a new one.

Speaking to Hull Daily Mail the bride said, "After choosing a venue we loved for our wedding, we decided we wanted to put a deposit down to secure the date."

"The venue was beautiful, and the owners prided themselves on customer service. They offered to reduce the deposit and give us a six-month period to cancel, which we were very happy with and proceeded to book."

My mum visited on the open day and was greeted with a drink on arrival, which my stepdad didn’t have due to him driving.

They then went on to cancel the booking after discovering a more suitable venue, and then received an email from her planner which she thought would be the likes of a cancellation confirmation but instead it was an email meant to go to the caterer.

Talk about awkward!