Woman goes viral for writing heartwarming notes to total strangers

we love 31/10/2018

What started out as an off-handed comment has turned into an epic online phenomenon.

Jodi Ann Bickley offered to write a personal note to anyone who was feeling a bit down or depressed. Over the past 4 years Jodi has written over 12,000 letters!

"I'm making a gift for somebody, something to be treasured." Jodi said.

"When someone has written a letter specifically for you, and has dedicated that time to you, it makes you feel special and seen. "

"In a world where we're so fast-paced and almost invisible to one another, a letter is a way of saying, 'I see you and I care for you', and I think that's really important."

"Every single letter request I get through is a life story, it's not just someone saying, 'Oh, I'm sad'," she explained. "These people will have written me pages and pages about their lives."

"To write them a letter back is a privilege. It sounds really cheesy to say out loud but I feel lucky to be able to connect with them."

What an awesome thing for her to do, people clearly love the replies they've received!

Source: Pretty52