Woman goes viral with her 'pregnancy styled' divorce announcement

funny stuff 04/10/2018

A woman's celebration of her divorce has gone viral online. The woman wanted to avoid 'depressing' people, so she took inspiration from popular pregnancy announcements to share the news...

She even went to the effort of wrapping the divorce papers up in a blanket just like a newborn baby!

"Myself and my dignity would like to announce to the world our beautiful, healthy, newborn freedom!" she wrote on her Facebook page.

"Opened today at 11am, weighing 0.40lb, I can honestly say I've never felt a love like it."

"I promise to always love you and take care of you and be my own damn light. No matter how dark it gets... I'm so in love."

The post proved a hit with her friends and now people around the world!

 "You've got to find your own funny. I've seen loads of people lately having babies and getting engaged and being happy." she told The Sun.

"I just thought, I am happy, and I don't want to slag him off. It's done and it's in the past now."

"The divorce is like a baby. I've got my baby. I just thought it would be funny if I put it on [in the same way]."

At least she managed to find the bright side of it all!

Photo credit: Facebook | Carrissa Le Pinnet