Woman hits out at parents who queue-jump because they have kids

omg 10/10/2018

A woman has hit out at parents who queue-jump because they have kids. Writing for Metro, the woman said "I'm childless and I’m 24."

"On weekends I've been known to sleep for twelve hours solid and I still deserve my place in line just as much as you."

"The person behind you who works 70 hours a week deserves their place as well, as does the retired person behind them."

She continued by saying that "some mums and dads believe they deserve to be held to a different standard to the rest of us."

The response was split, some people agreed with her while others encouraged people to cut parents some slack.

"People don’t get a 'fast pass' in queues because of how stressed they are! That queue isn’t in order of most to least tired, or most to least deserving/in need of coffee." wrote one person.

What do you think, should stressed parents and their kids get to go to the front of the line or not?