Woman shares her genius $10 Kmart gift idea that works for any occasion

we love 17/10/2018

A woman on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page has shared her clever gift idea. The simple concept has been praised by people for its creativity and for how easy it is on the pocket.

The woman bought the 'Shadow Box' photo frame from Kmart for $10. Instead of filling it with a photo, she loaded it with different treats she knew the teen she was giving it to would like.

Photo credit: Kmart Mums Australia

The gift would be a great way to creatively celebrate a birthday, Christmas, a work colleague or any occasion really. 

One mum even created her son a frame filled with lollies with a note on the front reading 'in case of emergency break glass', ahead of his school exams.

Photo credit: Kmart Mums Australia