Adorable gang of otters gate-crash wedding proposal

omg 22/11/2018

A British couple were travelling in Singapore and one of the activities they wanted to do while there was go and visit some otters. They happened to be traveling with their friend who was a photographer and was in on the upcoming proposal.

When they got there to observe the little balls of fluff, the otters were all out swimming and playing in the water. 

As they turned to leave, Jordan (one half of the British couple), got down on one knee to propose to his fiancee.

Moments after he did, tens of otters that had been in the water, emerged out of the pond and waddled up to watch the proposal happen.

The couples photgrapher friend captured the amazing moment.

"I'd had the ring with me for a while and Mary is a huge fan of otters, so I thought to myself, right, this is the time to propose," he told the BBC.