Experts have already predicted what the top baby names of 2028 will be

omg 01/11/2018

It seems crazy to think that already people are already thinking ahead to 2028 (fun fact: 2028 is closer to us than 2008 is!) but experts from Nameberry have celebrrated their tenth birthday with a peek into what is most probably going to be the top ten names of 2028.

Girls' names:

1. Charlotte

2. Amelia

3. Harper

4. Emma

5. Olivia

6. Evelyn

7. Mia

8. Aria

9. Ava

10. Sofia

Boys' names:

1. Liam

2. Mateo

3. Maverick

4. Noah

5. Lincoln

6. Lucas

7. Henry

8. Theodore

9. Jaxon

10. Oliver

The experts revealed how they decided what names were predicted to make the top ten and the formula they used.

"In general, popularity patterns follow regular patterns, rising and falling with the same precipitousness. Names that get popular fast, usually thanks to a celebrity or a pop culture event, tend to fall just as fast. Beyonce, used for 105 baby girls in 2008, was used for no baby girls last year. And names that are popular over several years tend to stay that way for several more before starting a very gradual slide. Emma entered the Top 10 in 2002, for instance, moving in and out of the Number 1 spot but lingering in the Top 5, and we project it will still be in the Top 5 in a decade."