Kmart has brought back an iconic 90's bathtime treat

we love 20/11/2018

If you were around in the 90's, you would remember the original bath bomb - bath pearls. Bath pearls were little circular beads full of scented oil that came in all manner of colours, sizes, and shapes. Everyone had that one friend who had a whole jar or dish full by the bath - or collected a certain colour or shape.

Lots of people had forgotten about them, but recently they had been discovered in Kmart! 

Kmart Mums Australia user Becca discovered the bath pearls in store recently and posted an image on the popular Kmart Facebook group.

It quickly gained over 3,000 reactions and 500 comments in 24 hours.

Many comments boasted "Nostalgia!!" with other users saying that they "haven't seen these around in years!".