Mum left furious after niece names her child a 'hurtful' baby name

omg 07/11/2018

A mum has taken to popular site to vent about how 'hurt' she was after her niece had a baby and named it something that she believed was so wrong.

My daughter was born 4 weeks ago (still in hospital) as she arrived premature,

She then went on to reveal the problem with her niece.

Niece gave birth yesterday morning and named her the same name (although I'm putting a long version on the birth certificate

“I'm a bit hurt to be honest. Am I being unreasonable?” she continued.

Mums from all over the globe jumped in to show support for the mum, saying that the niece was in the wrong and shouldn't have 'stolen' the baby name.

“Yes of course no owns a name blah blah but seriously where’s the originality in using a very new baby’s name who you will see frequently. Also a baby who is still in hospital. A bit off i think.”

There were, however, a few fellow mums who called her out for taking things too seriously.

“If your daughter was prem then your niece would have probably used the name before you if your daughter was born term, and had probably picked it out ages ago.

“Maybe it was you that stole 'her' baby name op? Just a thought,” one user wrote.