Mum shares 'bittersweet' wedding photos of her sick son walking her down the aisle

parenting 15/11/2018

The final wish of a 12 year old cancer paitent came true as he got to walk his mum down the aisle just days before he passed.

Young Keith was recieving hospice care at home when he asked his mum if he could accompany her down the aisle before he died. He had been battling cancer for six years.

"He said, 'Well Momma, I would like to walk you down the aisle before I die,' and then I was like, you know what, we're making it happen," Keith's proud mum Taylore Woodward told Fox News.

Keith's mum and her husband pushed the date of their wedding to an earlier date so that their precious Keith could be there and fufil his wish of walking his mum Taylore down the aisle.

The wedding took place on November 8,  Keith’s heartbroken mother calling it "the most bittersweet heartbreaking emotional day" of her life. Keith died just days later on November 12.

Keith had beaten cancer three times before it returned for a fourth and final time, having spread around his body.