Parents are ditching chocolate advent calendars for 'kindness' ones instead

we love 28/11/2018

To help spread the spirit of Christmas, some parents have ditched the traditional chocolate advent calendars in favour of 'kindness' ones.

Australian website Kidspot has shared a list of things kids could do each day during the countdown to Christmas to help spread a bit of Christmas cheer. Some of the things include...

  • Write something nice about each of your friends and give them your note
  • Draw a Christmas card for your teacher
  • Pick up rubbish in the playground
  • Make a Christmas present for your siblings
  • Compliment your sibling on something they are good at

  • Tidy up the backyard ready for Christmas

  • Make all the beds in the house as a surprise

  • Leave out a thank you note for Santa

    Check out the full list and download your own 'Kindness Calendar' over at the Kidspot website.