People can't get over this extremely demanding 'flatmates wanted' ad

omg 26/11/2018

A flatmates wanted ad has gone viral online for its extreme list of requirements. 

Twitter user @Rxdazn shared the list which he claims was sent to him by a friend of his who cam across the post on a local Facebook page. The tweet has since been shared thousands of times.

The list of demands is almost the size of an essay, so here are a just a few of the requirements...

  • "I need you to be out of the flat on week days during normal working hours (9-5)."
  • "You should use door handles rather than push the doors to slam, and try to behave quietly. I’m not looking for a ‘bull in a china shop’ kind of flatmate."
  • "I used to have this flatmate who was on Skype for 2-3 hours every day (5 hours on weekends). I won’t have that. I don’t want to hear noise coming from your room all the time."
  • "This is a home, not a hotel, there are no strangers here."
  • "No laughing out loud after 11pm."
  • "I don’t want to constantly see your friends hanging around the flat. If you have guests 3 times a week, it’s too much."
  • "There’s no cooking in this flat before 8.30am and after 11pm. Occasionally I will allow it, and you can also make some porridge or use the microwave."

You can read the full list of demands (if you have time) below - but something tells us this room might be staying vacant for a while...