People left mind-blown after 'life-changing' iPhone hack revealed

omg 20/11/2018

We've all been there when using out smartphones. Halfway through writing a message and then noticing a mistake, or wanting to add a word in but your 'fat' thumbs won't select the right part of the message to go back to.

Well now, there is a super easy way to edit your messages without having to backspace the whole thing and start again. You also don't have to throw insults at your thumbs/fingers for not being able to do the job you want them to.

All you need to do is hold your thumb down on the space bar and move the cursor in the desired direction from there - and voila!

Many have praised the iPhone hack calling it 'life-changing'. And we have to agree! Sometimes it can be so tricky to go back and edit a message but now it is that easy.

Unfortunately this hack isn't something Android users can benefit from, yet.