Sleep expert says staff should start work as late as midday for their wellbeing

we love 14/11/2018

A sleep expert has revealed the best time for employees to start work in order for them to avoid sleep deprivation.

The expert said in an ideal world staff would start work at 12pm but a start time of 10am would be a more suitable compromise for employers.

"Across the western world, adults are averaging six and a half hours sleep a night during their working lives, when science shows we need at least eight." the expert said.

"Start times of 10am are the fairest (and best) if everyone had to choose a single start time. That would reduce sleep loss for the population as a whole."

"This would have an immediate positive impact on current levels of adult sleep deprivation caused by early workday start times."

"It would reduce sleep deprivation by 70 percent, to 36 minutes on average a day."

So if you can convince your boss to let you sleep in, it might have great effects on your health.

Source: LadBible