Smirnoff has created fancy festive Christmas baubles filled with vodka

omg 09/11/2018

Smirnoff are kicking off the festive season in the right way with xmas ornament vodka bottles.

The beautiful bauble bottles are awesome stocking stuffers and perfect gifts for those over the drinking age. The four different bottle designs say things like "Mix & Mingle," "Don't get lit, drink responsibly," "#BestGiftEver," and "Eat, Drink, & Be Merry,".

Photo credit: SMIRNOFF

According to Smirnoff, the No.21 Holiday Ornament bottles are filled with the brand's iconic gluten-free, triple distilled, non-GMO vodka and the gorgeous bottles will be an awesome talking point at any festive gathering you attend or will look perfect on your Instagram feed, if you are into that.

They also are perfect for if you're wanting to do homemade cocktails with your girlfriends!

Photo credit: SMIRNOFF