This collapsible Christmas tree might be the easiest way to get festive

we love 05/11/2018

If nothing stresses you out more than the thought of putting up a Christmas tree - then this might be the perfect tree for you! have released a new collapsible Christmas tree which means you'll never need to worry about decorating a tree again!

All you'll need to do is pull it out of storage and stand it up.

"This elegant Christmas tree looks like it took hours to decorate but it really takes only about 5 minutes." the company wrote on their website.

"Simply pull the 6-1/2' collapsible Christmas up tree around the pole, fasten to the tip of the pole, and plug in the attached cord."

"The Pull-Up Christmas Tree is already decorated with 400 clear mini-lights, glistening shatterproof ornaments, 60 yards of wire-edged ribbon, and a large bow."

Before you get too excited, there is some sad news... Because the trees have proved to be so popular they have completely sold out! But we're sure they'll become more and more common in Christmas' to come.