People can't agree if this instant noodle sandwich is gross or amazing

omg 12/11/2018

A photo of an instant noodle sandwich has split opinion online.

The image of the noodles laying on a slice of bread was uploaded to Reddit with the caption 'the only way pot noodles should be eaten.' The statement ignited a lot of conversation...

"I quite like Pot Noodle and chips myself but your 'pot noodle butty' looks pretty tasty." one person wrote.

"My wife occasionally gets these and will only eat them If we have bread in for this." added another.

But not everyone was as positive about it. Some even called on Reddit to delete the thread as they couldn't stand the sight of the noodle sammy!

"Do you know how to cook?. But im not really on board with the whole carbs on carbs thing. The texture of the meal looks gross as well." critiqued someone else.

While someone else simply said "no, just no."

How did you react to the sight of the noodle sandwich?