Umbilical cord jewelry is the newest trend

parenting 29/11/2018

It seems there are always new parenting trends cropping up all over the place. But a recent one that has emerged has caught the eye of many people.

It's not uncommon these days to hear of mums saving their placenta and using it in smoothies or having it made into pills, so now parents are taking it up a notch and using their babies umbilical cords as jewelery.

Jeweler Nianna Rodriguez told USA Today that the process makes perfect sense, since besides creating a wearable memory for sentimental moms, the stump of the umbilical cord can be turned into that perfect accessory.

"It's amazing how you shave off the top layer and that's where you get this beautiful amber color that translates wonderfully into jewelry," she said. Designers such as Rodriguez allow interested moms to pick a design and then just follow the packing instructions for sending the stump off in the mail to her.

Many jewelers have created rings, bracelets, necklaces or cufflinks using the cord stump.

USA Today reported that another jeweler who made work using umbilical cords created stunning bangles that incorporated the stump and the babies birthstone.

It retails for US $195 and is one of her most popular pieces, shipping them all over the world.

She also noted the fact that many mums who have endured a challenging pregnancy or a stillborn birth are looking for something tangible to hold onto in their recovery process, and these are the perfect keepsake.