Woman left frightened after what her partner said to her in his sleep

omg 28/11/2018

A woman has shared her terrifying experience on Tumblr after a conversation she had with her boyfriend while he was asleep.

My boyfriend just woke up, mostly still asleep and told me “don’t worry, it’s getting better” in a heavy, American accent, which is unusual for an Australian man.

And while that could be classified as usual sleep-talking, the story then began to take a weird turn when the woman replied to her boyfriend asking "Why are you American?"

After a few moments, the boyfriend's accent changed from American to a posh English accent and he said, "Sorry it is getting better."

The woman started getting amused, who knew that someone could sleep-talk in different accents? She asked him why he had turned to an English accent.

Then, the boyfriend replied: "What is he normally?”

Confused, and slighly frightened with his answer, the woman said, “He? You’re not anyone else, you’re you.”

“Ugh, me” was the last thing he said, back in his Aussie accent before he fell back into proper sleep.

The internet has all agreed how creepy the man's sleep-talking was, with many suggested he may have been possesed by a demon or some kind of spirit.