Woman's 'crazy and extreme' list of rules for her husband goes viral

omg 13/11/2018

After being told her previous list of rules for her husband was 'too harsh', a woman has taken to Facebook for advice on her new revised rules.

The woman shared her list on the 'Get It Off Your Chest' Facebook page where it has since gone viral.

The List Of Rules...

  • No female friends
  • No social media
  • No male friends with partners. Must be single males only.
  • Must work minimum 50 hours a week
  • No smoking
  • Can drink but only 2 times a year or less and not get drunk
  • No Playstation/game machines
  • Must keep house clean at all times
  • No going out without me

Unsurprisingly people were quick to tell the woman what they thought...

“This is your husband right?” one person wrote. “I don’t think he agreed to be your slave when you married him.”

“Good luck trying to keep a man with those rules, lonely life,” another jabbed.

“You should just get a dog,” joked another.

Do you think these rules are a step too far?

Source: Yahoo