Woman shares hack for achieving perfect curls using a drink bottle and a hair dryer

omg 27/11/2018

A woman has shared her genius and simple hair hack for achieving natural looking curls.

She uploaded the video to her Instagram where it has since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times!

Many people have tried it out for themselves but not all of them have had success...

Kidspot summarised the hack into 3 easy steps...

"Step 1 - Grab an old water bottle and cut a small hole into the side of the bottle that will allow a hairdryer nozzle to fit inside and cut the bottom of the bottle off.

Step 2 - Place a section of your hair in the bottle and insert the dryer nozzle into the side hole.

Step 3 - Turn it on and watch your hair spiral around for a few minutes."

We might have to give this a go!