Woman shares her $2 Kmart hack for perfect poached eggs

we love 02/11/2018

A woman has shared her trick for cooking perfect poached eggs on the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook page.

"Don’t know if anyone has already hacked this, but wanted to share anyway," she wrote.

The woman's simple trick involves $2 silicone cupcake holders from Kmart

"I totally suck at mastering the poached egg… So I gave this a go – it worked a dream! I put a tiny bit of cooking spray in the cup and just let some water boil over into it," she continued.

People were quick to show their appreciation of the woman's tip.

"I need to do this! Last time I tried poached eggs, they dissolved – I literally lost the eggs! Can’t wait to try this," one woman commented.

"I’m the poached egg maker in my house, but they never look this round or perfectly awesome - thanks for sharing!" added another.

Check out the finished product below...