Woman slammed for her 'gross' bathtub guilty pleasure

omg 09/11/2018

We all love a hot, relaxing bath from time to time, but one woman has taken to the Mumsnet forum to confess her bathtub guilty pleasure.

In a post that has since attracted a lot of attention, she admits to often sneaking a custard square into the bath with her and eating it without a plate. Her husband had told her he found it odd so she wanted to gauge other people's thoughts...

Unfortunately for the mum, most people weren't on her side when it came to eating in the bath.

 "Ugh! Crumbs in the bubbles. No thanks!" one wrote.

"Noooo gross. A glass or mug of something maybe but food? Yuck" added another.

Others added they loved having a glass of wine with a few small snacks, but never something as messy as a custard square.

Do you think this woman's habit is as odd as everyone seems to think?