Woman sparks debate over whether kids should give up seats for older people

parenting 20/11/2018

A woman has started a heated debate online after revealing why she doesn't make her children stand for older people on the bus.

"I was on the bus this morning and my 2 children were sat in the seats, this is a small bus and gets very busy." the woman wrote on Mumsnet.

"After a few stops an older woman got on and kept loudly b****ing that my kids didnt give up their seats and shaking her head."

"My son fell on this exact bus flat on his back and banged his head on the floor a few months back as he was standing up (and holding on) but the bus whizzed round a corner so now I try to make sure they always get a seat."

"Should children always give up their seats for an older person? Would I be unreasonable for not making them?"

Its fair to say the response was pretty divided...

"Anyone at greater risk of falling should have a seat if possible, for their own safety and that of others around them (who they'd land on). After that, its first come first served." said one person.

Someone else said that if "the lady was elderly" then her children should definitely have stood.

But others sat a bit more on the fence. "If someone else really needed a seat I would expect someone to get up, but wouldn't like to see a child falling and hurting themselves either..." stressed another.

What do you make of the mum's tricky situation?