Bride reads letter she wrote to 'future husband' years ago, reads as wedding vows

we love 20/12/2018

A few years before she met her partner, a 28-year-old Australian woman, Victoria, penned a letter to her future husband. In the beautiful love letter, she detailed the qualities she was looking for.

Fast forward a few years to her wedding day, and the bride ended up reading the love letter to her husband at the alter. She claims the resemblance from her dream man in the letter to her groom was uncanny.

Speaking to Femail, she said: “It just came to me one day, an idea just formed and I started writing.

“It's very personal but I could not believe how perfectly it described [her husband] and our story, the things he'd later say to me, like how he was glad he hadn't met me sooner because we both needed to grow into the people we needed to be at the moment we finally met.”

In 2015 the woman moved to Canberra, just around the corner from Philippe.

She said there is an “eerie level” of accuracy between the man she wrote about and her husband.

She explained: “Like how he is strong but gentle, he has and could weather any storm, but still takes insects he finds in the house outside instead of killing them, that he was close by but originally from much further away... which turned out to be Germany.”

Victoria wrote in her letter she was often drawn to the night’s sky and felt her future partner was looking up too.

And as it turns out, Philippe is a rocket scientist who often would spend hours looking at the stars.

The bride said that she felt she had a “deep sense of connection” with her future partner, like they would have “met before”.

Their lives criss-crossed multiple times before the pair actually met. They met at a bar, and later got engaged.

What is even more special is how Philippe would often have dreams over the years about holding a woman and looking out over a treehouse.

The dreams are said to have stopped when he met Victoria, and the pair tied the knot on a wooden platform overlooking a rainforest valley.