Cat reunited with owners after accidentally being posted across the country

omg 17/12/2018

After Baloo had been missing from his humans for just under a week, CBC News has reported that he was finally reunited with them after managing to travel some 2,400km away.

While looking for a spot to curl up in for a catnap, Baloo set himself up in a cardboard box containing a tyre rim that was just about to be sent across the country by his owner.

Without suspecting that Baloo had jumped into one of the boxes, she sealed them up and took them to her local postshop.

When reflecting on how she never noticed her cat in the boxes, his owner said that she had felt that one box was a little bit heavier than the others, but had just thought it was something to do with the tyre rim and sent the box containing Baloo on its merry way.

Luckily, Baloo's adventure was cut short in Montreal - some four days after he had been missing and had already endured an 17-hour drive and a 2,400-kilometre round trip later. He was destined to head a lot further.

He was found by the courier man, wandering around the back of the truck, after waking from his nap and needing to get out and stretch his legs.

It was while his humans were putting up 'LOST CATS' posters that they got a call from the Montreal SPCA saying that he had been found.

Baloo was given a free ride back home, and his humans have treated his return like a Christmas miracle.