Girl writes heartbreaking letter to Santa asking for her Dad to work less

we love 14/12/2018

A girl's heartwarming letter to Santa has gone viral online. In the letter, the girl asks Santa to change her dad's work hours so she can see more of him at night time. 

"I want very little things for Christmas." her letter began.

"Out of all the things you bring me, I would want one of them to come true, and the only people that can grant my wish is you and my dad's boss."

"This is a very special request. I would like you to change my dad's work shift time, now it's 4:30-1:00 I would like you to change it to 6:30-3:00.

"He would be so happy and when he's happy I'm happy.

"and I'll tell you this: I'll even let you skip my house (I only want 3 things) but can you please just change his shift."

The dad found the letter and told his daughter that it would be 'up to Santa' if his hours would change.

Hopefully this girls Christmas wish comes true!

Source: The Mirror