Groom's shocking response to wedding gift goes viral for the wrong reason

omg 07/01/2019

While the bride and groom put a lot of work into preparing for the big day, it is not like guests to the wedding get to attend it like a walk in the park. Guests often have to organize their travel to the wedding, outfits, where they will stay and of course, the wedding gift.

Most newlyweds are grateful for any gift they receive on their wedding day. In fact for most, just having their closest friends and family in their presence is their favourite present.

But one couple have gone viral after starting to send their wedding gifts back and asking for cash instead.

The thread appeared on Mumsnet, telling the story of a disgruntled party guest who was shocked by their friend’s ungrateful nature.

The Mumsnet user, SaveBandit reveals how she went to a wedding and bought something off the mandatory Amazon wishlist. When she turned up with her husband, she was surprised that no one else seemed to bring gifts and was handing over vouchers instead. She asked the groom what to do with her gift and was told, “We weren’t expecting gifts. Can you put it by the post box for cards?”

By all accounts, it was a nice day and SaveBandit thought nothing more of it. Her jaw then dropped when she got the following message a few days later:

“Thanks for coming on Saturday and for the gift. We had a bit of a last minute change and decided to ask for money towards the honeymoon instead of what we’d put on the gift list. Can we arrange to send it back and just get the money for it instead? I can pass it back next week when I’m back in work. Really appreciate the thought but definitely think we need a holiday after the stress of wedding planning.”

While everyone has received gifts they weren't fans of, it is a little confronting the sheer cheek that this newlywed couple had to send back a gift and asking for cash instead!