Having a whinge with your workmates is good for your health claims study

omg 04/12/2018

A recent study from the University of Melbourne has found that having a whinge and a joke with your workmates helps to stregthen your relationships with them and improve your wellbeing.

“Generally, people don’t think there’s any value to it or they think it has no place in the workplace,” the researcher said.

“It helps people to process stress and frustration and you notice palpable changes when team members engaged in both activities.”

“It allows people to recognise how similar they are in the challenges they’re facing every day and how they feel about them."

“You can only gripe about people that are not in the room and you need to externalise the gripe. So, the gripe’s target needs to be something everyone can agree on, like the structure in which the team is working, or difficult practitioners working in other services. Never individuals in the team.”

“Coming together to joke about problems can help teams work through them and generate positive emotions in the process. This is important not only for bonding, but also from a cognitive perspective, positive emotions help keep you more open-minded.”

So as long as the workplace whinge isn't targetted at one specific person, sounds like it might be a great way de-stress!

Source: Women's Health