Mum pens raw, emotional open letter to Facebook after stillbirth

parenting 14/12/2018

A mother has penned an emotional letter to social media services following the stillbirth of her son.

As most expectant mum's do pre-birth, Gillian spent her days diligently Google searching for things she may need when their baby arrives, tips and tricks on how to make pregnancy easier and scrolling through forums from other expectant mums. She used the #babybump hashtag on Instagram, and regularly shared updates of her pregnancy to her friends and family via her social media outlets.

Facebook, and her other social media platforms, saw Gillian's searches and served her ads that they thought she would like. They were all to do with pregnancy and motherhood. Gillian admitted that there were a few times where she clicked on the ads, intrigued and genuinely interested in the products or services they were offering.

But when she lost her son to stillbirth, the ads didn't stop. 

Fueled by her raw emotion from losing her child, Gillian penned a heart-wrenching open letter to Facebook.