Mum's 'insane' Christmas present demands criticised online

omg 20/12/2018

A woman's txt message to her family has gone viral online.

In the message, the woman asks her family to wrap their Christmas presents in a very particular way... Something that didn't sit well with others!

After sending the txt, the woman later revealed that she hadn't had many kids over to her place this month, out of fear they may "touch the tree or re-arrange the correct placement of the presents." 

It didn't take long for people to chime in and share their views...

"Has the meaning of Christmas been lost?" one person asked. "To think you actually sent this text out to other humans has my face stuck in an ugly downward position. I mean, I can relate to picky matchy matchy… BUT THIS!? No."

Others added that lots of kids "love coming out and seeing what crazy paper is on the presents each year". They added that if they were in this position they might even "go straight to the shops to find the most hideous gaudy wrapping paper" just to annoy the txter!

Someone else said that their family would "gift them a straight-jacket" if they ever sent a txt message like that out.

Do you see a problem with this woman's message to her family?

Source: Yahoo