People are sticking free earplugs to lamp posts to help you escape Christmas music

omg 21/12/2018

By now it is extremely hard to escape Christmas cheer. With just days to go until the big man comes down the chimney, everywhere from shops, to the radio and even the lady you're parked up next to at the traffic lights are blasting Christmas tunes.

But someone is out and about on the streets of their local cities, taping free earplugs to lamp posts so that the Grinches and Scrooges of the world can continue on in their lives with a little bit of peace.

The campaign seems to be targeted at All I Want For Christmas singer Mariah Carey with the hashtag #SilenceMariah at the bottom, but obviously they are able to be used to block out any tune.

People have also commented that the earplugs don't just need to be used to block out pesky, repetitive Christmas music - they can be saved for Christmas day to block out the family at the lunch/dinner table.